Resilient Scholars Program

Social-Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning is changing the education landscape, giving students a real opportunity to flourish.

Why Social and Emotional Learning?

  • Improvement in pro-social behavior
  • Improvement in Attitudes about Self, Others, and School
  • Reduction in Problem Behaviors
  • Reduction in Emotional Distress
  • Increase in Standardized Achievement Test Scores
  • Increase in Social and Emotional Skills

SEL participants:

  • demonstrated a 6% increase in high school graduation rates
  • demonstrated an 11% increase in college graduation rates
  • were less likely to have a clinical mental health disorder
  • were less likely to ever be arrested or become involved with the juvenile justice system
  • had lower rates of sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancies

"We can’t learn in the absence of dealing with our emotional state...Not only that, I don’t know of anybody that can learn in the absence of a positive relationship. We learn from the people we care about."

– Dr. Maurice Elias

The Urban Assembly Resilient Scholars Program is a guided implemention process from the Urban Assembly: a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting social and economic mobility by providing youth with the academic and life skills necessary for postsecondary success.

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